High and medium consistency refiner segments

By optimizing the refining process and refiner segments, mills operational costs and product quality can be greatly affected.

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In the field of refining, Valmet is continuously developing new refiner segment technology to improve customers’ competitiveness. As a result of this we can now present a new unidirectional segment concept called ServoNavitas.

Valmet can optimize your refiners

Valmet has a long tradition of serving customers on all continents. We have gained detailed knowledge for most types of refiners, both self installed as well as those made by our competitors. We are now willing to start collaborating with our customers and committing ourselves to optimizing refiner processes with new technology.

Custom-made segments

Valmet offers customers an extensive contact network, experienced refiner specialists, effective refiner segment design toolbox with patented features and the most effective research and development support. Our philosophy is that every refiner is unique and needs custom designed refiner segments

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Valmet has developed superior refiner segment concepts for all processes.



Reduced energy consumption
Intensive defibration IntensiveDefibration_230x120.jpg New innovation to further improve Valmet existing energy saving Refiner Segment product portfolio for reaching 50% energy reduction.
Turbine segments Turbine_Segments_coverp-230x112.jpg Energy-saving designs involve spreading the wood flow evenly over the segment rings without loosing speed.
Venturi FBL_2108_Venturi-05_230x120.jpg Restrictions create a great degree of turbulence, which forces fibers up into the disc gap. The design of the feeding bar reduces the refiner’s energy requirement.
Low energy LEsegment.jpg In the Low energy segments the bars form a pumping angle at a very critical area in the disc gap.
Improved fiber quality
Quattro feed QuattroFeed-230x112.jpg Utilizes CD stator inlet in a new way for further improved feeding and more unified fiber distribution.
Shive clean ShiveClean-230.jpg This new technology takes benefit from the fact that in the disc gap steam and fibers are behaving differently.
Hold back HoldBack-230x112.jpg Flow optimized feeding pattern.
Mild defibration defimax_segments_230x112.jpg Innovation for longer and stronger fibers.
Edge lock Edge_lock-230x112.jpg The unique two-step bar leading edge design of the Edge lock segments makes possible more effective refining of fibers.
Low shive LowShive-230x112.jpg With Low shives segments pulp quality can been improved, shive content reduced and refiners’ operation kept stable.
Soft bar SoftBar_230.jpg Ensuring smooth and gentle feed, leveling out incoming feed variations.
Improved refiner operation stability
Super feed SuperFeed-230x112.jpg Super feed and Turbine segments center plate improves feeding at the eye of the refiner.
Steam lock SteamLock-230x112.jpg Forms a fiber pad to prevent flow back steam entering to refiner feed.
High fibrillation HighFib-230x112.jpg High fibrillation segments give better control of the disc gap and improve the loadability of the refiners.
Selective segments Selective-segment-230x112.jpg Selective segments feed steam forward in the refiner disc gap.
Improved availability and lifetime
Attack bar AttackBar-230x112.jpg Inclined bars for sharper leading edges and cleaner grooves as well as energy saving over segment lifetime.
Curved dams FBL_2105_C-segment_02_230x112.jpg Curved dams increases the amount of material in the corners of bars and dams, which is where most of the segment wear occurs. It slows down the rate of wear in these areas so much that it prevents shives from not receiving adequate treatment.
Wear cap WearCap-230x112.jpg Cap in stator segments shield against hits caused by impurities in fiber flow.