LeanE - Fiberline

Save energy – save money

LeanE – Fiberline is a study conducted on-site by a Valmet process expert, which results in a technical report pointing out energy-saving measures and corresponding payback times.

Energy efficiency

The cost of energy can be as much as 90% of the life cycle cost (LCC) of a machine. Many systems today are operating at their point of greatest efficiency. Exceeding design capacity means increased pressure drops, and oversized systems often control flows by means of throttling valves. Often it is more profitable to design for efficient energy consumption rather than for projected capacity demands. Variable speed pump drives have become increasingly popular and less expensive, providing better energy efficiency and flexibility.

Examples of potential energy improvements:

  • Old machine designs
  • Worn equipment with reduced efficiency
  • Inefficient drives
  • Undersized pipes and valves
  • Old process design philosophies


  • The LeanE – Fiberline provides a complete overview of your current system and where to improve your energy efficiency
  • The technical report shows investment returns and estimated payback times, a useful tool for gaining approval for investments
  • A Valmet process expert exchanges knowledge and ideas with mill staff on-site and provides informal advice for all of the areas in the mill
  • Mill staff gains knowledge of both Valmet and machines from other suppliers