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Process and automation upgrades

Valmet automation upgrades include smart lifecycle management for optimized TCO, automation updates and installations with complete start-up and process support as well as process improvements for the entire fiberline. We provide problem-solving support and investment planning for a number of different automation platforms, always according to customer need.

Right technology for your needs

Pulp producers typically look for improved capacity and quality while maintaining or increasing competitiveness. With newest technologies, materials and designs, smart automation upgrades and solutions help reach these targets. Benefits include production cost savings, improved runnability and higher availability of automation equipment.


Fure-C Hot Water Box

Cost-effective solution for improved dryness with moisture profiling ability located in the wire section.

Headbox Level Control System

Assured stability control for the headbox at high production rate.

Perforated Uhle Box Cover

Cost saving felt conditioning solution.


Reduce sheet breaks at first nip.

Dilution Profile Control for Pulp Headboxes

A cost-effective way of modernizing an existing slice lip controlled headbox into a dilution controlled headbox.

OptiAir Recovery

Compact heat recovery improves the energy efficiency of air dryers.

Vacuum cleaning tools for filter net cleaning

Avoid dust and cigars in the dryer




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