In the drying section the pulp is dried with hot air, normally from a dryness of 45-55% dry solids to the final dryness of about 90% dry solids.

Dewatering takes place by evaporation in the dryer section. In both airborne drying and flash drying the pulp is dried by convection. In convection drying heat comes from hot air surrounding the web. 

Airborne dryers are normally used for chemical pulping and flash dryers for mechanical pulping.


Dryer - Process and automation upgrades

Dryer Tail Threading

Tail threading from press section to dryer has been a challenge for operators and totally a matter of luck. Many attempts to get the successful one and still operators have to keep a close eye on safety.

OptiAir Recovery

Compact heat recovery improves the energy efficiency of air dryers.


Dryer - Maintenance and shutdown services

Cleaning Service for Pulp Dryer

Dryer is cleaned inside nozzles, between nozzles decks, on steam coils and on bottom of fan towers from debris, mainly cumulated pulp fiber restricting flow and therefore lowering dryer evaporation capacity.

Vacuum Cleaning Tools for filter net cleaning

Tools for removing dust and cigars in the dryer

Broke Removal Tool

An easy to use and very efficient tool for broke removing has been developed.




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