Pulp drying

Move forward with world record technology

Valmet offers best available technology for efficient and economic pulp drying and baling. Our wide and flexible technology offering facilitates several pulp grades with end products like dissolving, fluff and market pulp. With efficient solutions we offer you the lowest steam and energy consumption on the market. The high availability and high speed of our reliable equipment means more production for you.


Capacities from

500 to 4300 t/d

Steam consumption

800 kg/Adt

Energy consumption

100 kW/Adt

High speed

300 bales/h

Our professionals have built the largest pulp dryers in the world and applied them successfully in three different continents. Valmet drying machines hold world record capacities with gap former and fourdrinier technologies, with single machines daily productions topping over 4300 tons.

An easy-to-run and high capacity technology concept gives flexibility to operate different wood species and an advantageous overall economy.

Improve your performance together with Valmet.


To maximize the reliability and performance of your processes; utilize our advanced services and remote support.


  • Pulp Dryer Machines at Klabin Puma Unit breaks production records in September

    In September 2019, Klabin Puma Unit’s Pulp Dryer Machine 26 reached the production record of 1,408 ADt/d, its nominal capacity being 1,300 ADt/d. The machine was provided by Valmet and produces softwood and fluff pulp. In the same month Pulp Dryer Machine 25, which produces eucalyptus wood pulp, reached the production record of 3,710 ADt/d.

  • Project success is built on experts working together

    "The OKI pulp mill project was special in many ways," tells Johan Schotte, who was Valmet’s project director in the project.

  • From machine rebuild to new quality control system

    Valmet’s capability to cover the entire project scope sealed the deal when BillerudKorsnäs Karlsborg’s pulp mill was looking to replace their old quality control system. The package included a required machine rebuild and the installation of a new system for grammage and dry content control.





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