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Dissolving pulping

Valmet has extensive experience in the dissolving pulp field and is one of the largest manufactures of production facilities in terms of the number of sales, projects, references and production levels.

As a process supplier, only Valmet has the possibility to offer both continuous and batch cooking processes for dissolving pulp production.

Valmet has a long experience and wide scope of technologies in supplying equipment and flexible processes for the production of dissolving pulps for various end products. Our offerings include every process steps in a pulp mill starting from handling of incoming wood up to ready-made pulp bales, or rolls, together with the entire chemical recovery and mill wide automation.

Through our long experience in the market, Valmet has very good process solutions and understanding for various dissolving pulp qualities. Valmet's technology is developed to ensure a stable and continuous production throughout the year enabling good process and end-product quality optimization according to end-user’s needs. Valmet technologies are designed to meet the needs for sustainability and environmental targets.

Cooking – the key process for high cellulose content

Valmet’s cooking system are designed to produce dissolving pulp day after day as a continuous operation without the need to stop due to scaling. This enables the optimization of the qualities

The subsequent fiber line with TwinRoll barrier washing guarantees fine tuning of pulp qualities to meet the requirements of end product producers with low effluent volumes from the bleach plan and low water usage. The use of dissolving wood pulp depends on its purity, cellulose content, which depends mainly on the process.


A sustainable star in South Africa

A sustainable star in South Africa

Paper and pulp producer Sappi has been producing high-quality dissolving wood pulp at its Ngodwana mill in South Africa since 2013. Valmet’s unique dissolving fiber line concept resulted in a flexible and sustainable solution.