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What is your challenge?

Challenge: availability

High plant availability is a must for your profitability. Unavailability costs include not only increased maintenance and materials costs, but also costs caused by the fact that energy needs to be produced somewhere else. Correct preventative and predictive maintenance to prevent unscheduled shutdowns and optimize outage times are ways to reach higher availability.

Challenge: energy efficiencyCustomer-specific as well as national targets on sustainability and energy efficiency create a demand for finding new energy efficiency improvement potential, preferably with short payback times. As improving plant efficiency reduces fuel consumption and thus lowers emissions, you will also achieve savings in the cost of emissions allowances.

Challenge: Fuel & combustion efficiency

The potential to optimize production along with higher fuel prices forces plant owners to consider new fuel mixes and cheaper lower-quality fuels, which increase the risk of combustion and corrosion problems. Consultancy and tools to control corrosion and manage the fuel-related risks are needed to prevent unavailability and material costs.

Challenge: Value & lifetime optimization

Higher profitability targets call for plant value and lifetime optimization, new investments to optimize operational expenditure costs, as well as cost and risk management, especially at aging plants. Correctly focused and timed maintenance actions, refurbishments and yearly investments secure optimum plant value and lifetime.                                              

Challenge: Maintenance efficiencyCompetent operation and maintenance staff with proper tools, as well as specialist support, ensure high plant availability and a good plant condition. In a flexible cost structure, fixed costs can be changed into variable costs. Partnering with an equipment manufacturer is an option for efficient maintenance planning, management and implementation.

Challenge: capacitycapacity increase provides an option to increase the value of your existing energy asset. Both standard and tailored solutions are available. The profitability of a capacity increase can be evaluated with a feasibility study.