Rebuilds and upgrades

Our rebuild and upgrade solutions, although rebuilds and upgrades are highly innovative, ours are thoroughly tried and tested. They provide higher boiler capacity, improved availability, greater safety and enhanced environmental performance.

Rebuilds and upgrades

We combine all our comprehensive process expertise and wide-ranging technical skills to give you high-yield, low-cost rebuilds and upgrades that help you stay competitive, and they are typically planned and carried out in a very short space of time. Additionally, a customized rebuild can often increase the service life of a recovery boiler by 10 to 15 years.

Our track record is proof positive of our capabilities when it comes to rebuilding for high-performance environmentally-enhanced combustion and chemical recovery. In long-standing relationships with pulp mills all over the globe, more than 200 chemical recovery boilers have been upgraded with excellent results.

We have a wide array of rebuilds and upgrades, tailored to serve numerous purposes or combinations thereof, such as:

  • Capacity increases - commonly up to 40%
  • Low-odor conversions to reduce emissions of malodorous gases
  • NOx emission reductions
  • Soot-blowing steam consumption reductions
  • Black liquor system rebuilds
  • Single drum conversions
  • Air system rebuilds. The Multilevel Air System is standard in our recovery boilers and provides a wide range of benefits.
  • Pressure vessel section replacements, for instance economizers, superheaters, furnace walls and floors