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LignoBoost - lignin from pulp mill black liquor

LignoBoost is a well proven technology for producing high quality kraft lignin. Valmet has built two commercial plants and has also developed the technology further. LignoBoost lignin can today be tailored into several interesting qualities and this gives several new options for kraft pulp mills to extend their product range and go into new businesses.

Off-loading the recovery boiler

When a recovery boiler is the limiting factor to increasing pulping capacity, LignoBoost is a good solution to the problem. If 25% of the lignin in the black liquor is removed, boiler capacity can be increased to enable 20-25% more pulp production.

LignoBoost plants in operation

The first full-scale LignoBoost plant was started up in 2013 at Domtar’s Plymouth, North Carolina mill, where high-quality lignin is a by-product of the pulping process. Domtar now market the lignin as BioChoice™ lignin.

The second commercial LignoBoost plant was started up in 2015. The plant at the Stora Enso Sunila mill has a capacity of 50 000 tons of dry (95 % ds) lignin per year. For more information, please see here.

The LignoBoost demonstration plant in Bäckhammar, Sweden, has a capacity of 8 000 tons of lignin per year and was started in 2007. In addition to normal production, this plant is well suited for developmental work and test runs on liquor from other mills.

Going forward 

Lignin is extensively studied, and the number of patent applications involving lignin increases rapidly. To further develop the value of lignin and technology around it, Valmet cooperates with RISE Bioeconomy, RenFuel, LignoCity, IACMI, Swerea IVF and others.

For more information on LignoBoost, please contact Lars Erlandsson or Anders Littorin at Valmet, telephone +46 31 50 10 00.

New lignin qualities with LignoBoost

New lignin qualities with LignoBoost

Lignin has numerous uses and an exciting future. Valmet LignoBoost offers new opportunities for pulp and paper mills.

LignoBoost process

LignoBoost process

LignoBoost works in conjunction with evaporation.


LignoBoost receives Silver Award at ATIP Congress

LignoBoost receives Silver Award at ATIP Congress

Valmet was honored with the “Palme d’Argent” for its LignoBoost in the annual congress of ATIP in Grenoble, France.