TMP Specific Energy Optimizer

With increasing electricity prices, TMP mills are working to find new ways to reduce specific energy through plate design and through the optimization of process operating conditions. The AQC Solution™ includes a TMP Specific Energy Optimizer. Valmet’s multivariate analysis software, FactNet™, is used to identify the optimal refining conditions that minimize specific energy based on our TMP refining expertise.


  • The TMP Predictive Quality Controller has an optimization layer that works above the quality control. The specific energy optimization objectives are configured at this level. Sometimes this involves optimizing refiner consistency, refiner throughput, energy split between primary and secondary refiners, energy split between flat and CD gaps (for CD refiners). The specific energy optimization works towards these optimal conditions, keeping the process at the lowest energy state while maintaining quality targets and minimizing quality variability. The coordinated action of the quality control with the energy optimization is essential to achieving both objectives.


  • Sites that have implemented the Specific Energy Optimizer have achieved energy reduction in the range of 2.5% to 8%, resulting in substantial energy cost savings.