Ponderosa Pulp Quality Software Sensors

Pulp Quality sensors provide the continuous predictive measurements that allow implementation of advanced control and optimization of the TMP process.


  • The Ponderosa real-time mass, energy, and quality dynamic simulation provides the continuous quality signals (software sensors) required for TMP quality control and optimization. It performs real-time mass, energy, and quality balance calculations from the chips feeding the primary refiners to the pulp entering the high-density chests. Without these continuous pulp quality signals only heuristic control strategies can be used which are very limited in functionality and performance.
  • Ponderosa, similar to Valmet WinGEMS, is based on process streams, source blocks, and unit operation blocks. It is a dynamic simulation that accounts for process delays in tanks and towers. It also manages the shut-down and start-up of different process areas.


  • Ponderosa gives Pacific Simulation the ability to quickly model an entire TMP mill with a base generic model that can then be fine-tuned using historical process data. This minimizes the time required to build TMP process models and limits the amount of process response testing required to tune the models.