Paper Machine Blend Controller

High paper quality variability results in an increased average strength in a controlled effort to keep the low strength side of the distribution at or above grade specifications. On the high strength side of the distribution, a considerable number of reels are produced well above minimal specifications. These reels represent a lost opportunity to reduce furnish costs by displacing high cost high strength pulp(s) with low cost low strength pulp(s). The Paper Machine Blend Controller helps to minimize these costs. It manipulates the multiple stock types in the paper machine furnish to reduce paper quantity variability and continuously operate at minimal furnish cost.


  • The Paper Machine Blend Controller utilizes the Paper Quality Software Sensors to continuously predict final paper strength and a multivariable model predictive controller (MPC) to continuously manipulate the furnish stock ratios to maintain quality at the minimal grade specification and minimize total costs. Benefits included reduced paper variability, reduced furnish costs and increased machine efficiency due to a reduced number of breaks.
  • The same MPC software used for the Paper Machine Blend Controller and the TMP Predictive Quality Controller. The MPC multiple controller group feature and the automatic on-line gain scheduling feature are used to configure multiple paper grades with different control priorities and control models.


  • Implementation of the Paper Machine Blend Controller has achieved a 15% reduction in strength variability with a 4% reduction Kraft pulp usage.