IMonitor Performance Monitor

Real-time performance monitoring is a critical component of the AQC Solution. To ensure optimal system performance, it is important to identify problems as they arise. The IMonitor Performance Monitor is a configurable program that monitors key performance indices.


In addition to IMon the AQC Solution contains a number of other performance monitoring tools including:

  • Automated tabular and graphical daily reports
  • Excel based performance evaluation spreadsheets
  • Web-based trends and displays for remote monitoring
  • AQC support website where mill and Pacific Simulation personnel can log and track support issues.
  • IMon and the other performance monitoring tools allow both mill personnel and Pacific Simulation engineers to monitor and evaluate process and control performance on a month-to-month, day-to-day, hour-to-hour basis to ensure optimal system performance.


  • IMonitor improves system performance and maximizes system uptime