IMAS Process Control Data Server

The PCDS is the heart of the AQC Solution. It collects and stores data from the distributed control systems, mill information systems, and lab quality databases. The advanced control and optimization modules utilize this data and the results are sent back to the PCDS. The PCDS then sends the control actions back to the distributed control systems.


  • Storage of all data related to the Valmet TMP Optimizer in a single location.
  • The data server can handle extremely high data throughput since the database system is optimized for sequential process data.
  • Transferring data through the PCDS coordinates the actions of multiple advanced control, optimization, and performance monitoring modules.
  • The PCDS can be accessed remotely for off-site support and enhancement.
  • The PCDS is automatically backed up in case of hardware failure, to ensure fast system recovery.
  • For larger systems, a second IMAS Analysis Data Server is included for data backup and process analysis.


  • The IMAS Process Control Data Server (PCDS) integrates all advanced control and optimization applications to a single database for all process information resulting in reduced solution development and maintenance time