Optimal refining for thermo-mechanical pulping

With the Advanced Quality Control (AQC) Solutions effectively controlling pulp production and quality, the system provides effective control mechanisms for economic and quality optimization of your mill. Regardless of the size of your operation, Valmet tailors your AQC Solution to best meet your economic and process requirements.


Valmet provides the most comprehensive package available in the area of Advanced Quality Control. We have successfully implemented AQC Solutions in many mills and delivered sustained and quantifiable economic benefits to our clients. Valmet brings considerable strength to the pulp and paper industry in Advanced Quality Control including:

  • an unbeatable combination of high-level business integration expertise and an enviable history in delivering real-world solutions to the pulp and paper industry.
  • a global team of seasoned professionals to provide up-front analysis, implementation expertise, and post-installation support.
  • TMP process control and optimization expertise
  • Proven Track Record of sustained benefits


Pulp Mill

  • Improved pulp quality
  • Reduced pulp quality variability
  • Reduce furnish cost
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced specific energy
  • Increased production
  • Extended segment life

Paper Mill

  • Reduced furnish costs (kraft reduction, increased ash content)
  • Increased paper machine speed
  • Higher machine efficiency
  • Decreased breaks
  • Better final product quality
  • Less final product variation
  • Better pressroom runnability