Valmet Indonesia Technology Center

Over the past three decades, Valmet has delivered new machines, automation and services to pulp, paper and energy customers in Indonesia. We have increased resources and capabilities to show our commitment of being close to our customers and serve them better. The new Valmet technology center in Indonesia is located in KITIC Industrial Estate in Cikarang, Bekasi, Western Java. In this center, Valmet provides products and services for a variety of energy, pulp, paper, board and tissue industries depending on customer needs.

Valmet Indonesia Technology Center offering for board and paper industry

Roll services

Valmet Roll Services Indonesia

 Field services

Valmet Field Services Indonesia

  • Comprehensive process solutions
  • Field services such as shoe-press overhauls, on-site coating, headbox services, alignment services, on-site grindings
  • Advanced machinery maintenance
  • Process development services
  • Technology support

Paper machine clothing

Valmet Indonesia Paper Machine Clothing

  • Forming fabrics
  • Press felts
  • Shoe press belts
  • Dryer fabrics
Spare parts and consumables  for paper, board and tissue industry


Valmet Indonesia Technology Center offering for pulp industry

Services for pulp machinery


Valmet Indonesia Services for Pulp Machinery


Valmet Indonesia Technology Center offering for energy industry  

Services for energy

  • Comprehensive process solutions
  • Advanced machinery maintenance
  • Process development services
  • Technology support
  • Spare parts and consumables
  • Inspection
Valmet Indonesia Services for Energy


Valmet’s offering is based on leading technology and a continuous drive to develop new, innovative solutions for improving the customers’ performance in terms of both competitiveness and sustainability. With this new Technology Center, Valmet bring the world class quality technology products and services even more closer to the Indonesia customers.

Valmet Technology Center Indonesia


Valmet first established its presence in the region in 1991. Now it has grown with 6 offices working together to serve the different needs of the Indonesian market and its neighboring countries. Currently, we have approximately over 100 professionals to meet the needs of our customers where they are. 

Valmet Indonesia Locations