Valmet is launching a new THRU-AIR® Bonder for Nonwovens web production

Valmet Oyj’s trade press release on March 28, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. EET

Valmet is launching a new THRU-AIR® Bonder at the IDEA 2022 nonwovens show in Miami March 28-31, 2022. With this invention Valmet offers the opportunity to make premium grade products at a competitive cost, which in turn can lead to increased market value for nonwovens web producer.

Valmet has been supplying high-performance bonders since 1968. Thanks to air flow and temperature distribution system designs, Valmet’s thru-air systems provide the highest thermal efficiency as well as the best control of temperature and air velocity.

“Our traditional Bonder using a HONEYCOMB® roll has the highest performance in the industry, but not all customers require the operational performance and mechanical capacity the HONEYCOMB® Bonder offers. Therefore, we saw the need to develop a product at a lower cost and with a more compact design that could still approach the performance levels of the traditional bonder”, says Lynn Violette, Manager, Product Management, Valmet.

“The new THRU-AIR® Bonder is optimized to reach high performance standards at a lower total cost, including capital costs, operating costs, installation, maintenance, runnability and reliability”, says Eric Johnson, Sales Manager, Nonwovens equipment, Valmet.

Machine speed, temperature and air speed through the sheet are easily regulated, optimizing the bonding process. Good bonding performance improves uptime, reduces waste, and improves the reliability of downstream processes such as converting.

While high-performance bonders often require large facilities, Valmet’s new THRU-AIR® Bonder is compact in size, enabling efficient space utilization. The roll-out design allows for easy maintenance to maximize safety.

Sustainability is at the core of Valmet's business strategy and operations. The THRU-AIR® Bonder accepts alternative heat sources to support carbon neutral operation.

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