Valmet Total Solids Measurements selected for Klabin’s Puma II project in Brazil

Valmet Oyj’s trade press release on September 29, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. EET

Six Valmet Total Solids Measurements (Valmet TS) will be supplied as part of the delivery by SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions of water and wastewater treatment plants for Klabin’s Puma II project in Brazil. The Puma Project II consists of the construction of two new paper machines, along with production of integrated pulp, situated at the same industrial unit (Puma I Unit) that Klabin operates in the municipality of Ortigueira in the state of Paraná, in southern Brazil. The order was included in Valmet's orders received of the second quarter 2020.

The SUEZ delivery, where the Valmet measurements will be installed, includes expansion of the water production plant from 141,600 cubic meters per day to 213,600 cubic meters per day and 50 percent increase in the treatment capacity of the industrial effluent treatment plant. Valmet TS provides the capability of mass flow-based controls to achieve substantial savings in polymer dosage, energy and transportation, as well as further advancing the environmental benefits.

Four in-line Valmet TS measurements will control primary, secondary, tertiary and homogenized primary sludge consistencies in the wastewater treatment plant. The fifth unit will be installed to control sludge consistency in the water treatment plant. The sixth unit will be installed to control tertiary sludge consistency in the wastewater treatment plant in Puma I.

The Valmet TS microwave measurement, now in its fourth generation, is designed specifically as the most reliable and accurate inline solids measurement for the range of 0-50 percent in wastewater applications. Two third generation Valmet TS measurements have already been in use since September 2019 at the wastewater treatment plant of the existing Puma pulp mill that started production in 2016. Delivery of the six new Valmet TS measurements will be towards the end of the year 2020.

Six Valmet Total Solids Measurements (Valmet TS) will be supplied as part of the delivery by SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions of water and wastewater treatment plants for Klabin’s Puma II project in Brazil.

Technical details about Valmet TS

Valmet TS offers a reliable and accurate real time measurement used to control and optimize the solids treatment process, giving operators information on total solids 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As the most reliable and accurate analyzer for wastewater applications, Valmet TS allows savings in polymer dosing, energy and transportation. Valmet TS utilizes microwave technology to determine total organic and inorganic solids content in the range of 0-50 percent. Controlling and developing the process can be enhanced through accurate and fast measurements, which improves the overall efficiency of a wastewater plant and provides crucial data for dewatering optimization.

Information about the customer Klabin

Klabin is the largest producer and exporter of paper for packaging in Brazil, its only company offering one-stop shop solutions in hardwood, softwood and fluff pulp, and the leader in corrugated board packaging and industrial bags. Founded in 1899, it has 18 industrial units in Brazil and one in Argentina.

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