Wind, marine and paper solutions

Based on your needs, we deliver anything from raw castings to ready-to-install components. In addition, we can support you all the way from production to maintenance and perform studies regarding improvements and cost savings.

Our core business lies within the paper, wind and marine industries. For instance we produce castings for yankee cylinders, as heavy as 150 tons. We also produce substantial and large components for wind turbines – weighing up to 45 tons apiece and designed to operate under the harshest of conditions. Several thousand wind turbines throughout the world are currently operating with castings from Valmet. 

The right quality at the right time

When choosing Valmet for your casting needs you will not only get high quality castings and on-time-deliveries. You also get a close collaboration throughout the entire delivery process. Your needs shape the end product.

To ensure the high quality that you seek, each component passes through an extensive preparation process before production release. Utilization of powerful simulation software, together with our own in-house pattern workshop, secures a quick development process. Once released for production, the components are carefully produced and quality confirmed by experienced professionals, all in accordance with the customer’s requirements. 

The foundry is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and holds specific licenses and permits required for the manufacturing of pressure vessels for different parts of the world.

Quick deliveries and reliable transportations

Another reason for choosing us is our production efficiency and reliable transportations. How do we do it? First of all by continuous improvements. Furthermore, we have unique location that makes logistics optimal. The distance between the foundry and Valmet’s own shipping port is only 500 meters. Within this distance the castings are refined and turned into state-of-the-art components, ready to be shipped out into the world and to optimize your business.