Large and Heavy

We specialize in casting very large and heavy grey cast iron and nodular iron components. The capacity is in fact superior, and the only one that can manage castings as heavy as 150 tons.

Casting capacity: 20 000 tons per year
Melting capacity: 10 tons per hour
Traversing: maximum 2 x 100 tons 

Production lines:
Big size castings: up to 150 tons
Medium size castings: up to 42 tons

Our foundry is an approved manufacturer of iron castings. Certificates include for instance ASME, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and holds licenses and permits required for delivering pressure vessels, as well as castings for marine application.

We mainly work with paper, marine and wind industries. But whatever your passion is we want to help you achieve it. That is why we work close to our customers throughout the entire delivery process. Your knowledge regarding the characteristics required for the end product, combined with our expertise in metallurgy and casting technology, yields profitable results that will move your business’ performance forward.