Pit moulding

The nature of this industry and its resulting intense demands concerning casting quality has influenced our attention to quality. Customers like pulp, paper and board mills have very demanding operating environments that accelerate ageing. In addition, many of the components are quite massive.

We operate with furan and cement sand cores and moulds for rolls, cylinders and shafts.

Max weight of the castings up to 100 000 kg (150 tn with special arrangements)

Pits: 15 m deep and lifting height 20 m

Sawing: Bandsaw Gantry, max. diameter 2000 mm

Furan sand mixers:
Bay 7: IMF 10 tn/h
Bay 6: IMF 10 tn/h
Bay 4: Axmann 10 tn/h, IMF 20 tn/h

Several core mixers, core ovens, core forming device

Crane capacity up to 140 tons.