Engineering and quality


IT plays a criticaEngineering and qualityl role in meeting all quality requirements and for this reason we use all the cutting edge technology throughout the whole foundry.

Casting process simulation software ensures that we get the actual casting right first time. The simulation looks at the whole casting process and it is a key tool in reducing waste, non conforming castings, improving product quality and reducing lead times.


Components deliveries by us fully conform to all the exacting high quality standards and this includes environmental and safety standards which we take seriously.

Valmet Foundries is committed to its work force. It constantly invests in their education, welfare, professional skills and maintaining their commitment to producing high quality products.

Quality certifications
: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO18001:2007 certified by Det Norske Veritas. Also certificated manufacturer of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Lloyd's Register and Pressure Equipments EN 764-5:2002. Leading classification societies have accepted the foundry as a preferred supplier. 

Engineering and quality Engineering and qualityEngineering and quality  

Other services:

  • Sawing: Bandsaw Gantry, max. diameter 2000 mm
  • "Spare part" -castings
  • 3D-video scanning
  • CAD-/CAM -pattern / core print