Valmet DNA eNetwork

Start date: Oct 5, 2023

End date: Oct 6, 2023

Location: eCourse

Your contact for this course is:

Nancy Smith

Phone: +12154502282

This course provides participants with an understanding of networking fundamentals used in today’s ever growing open systems environment.
Office networks and automation system networks are becoming closer in design and this course will help learners understand that interface.
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to discuss their automation system network with their IT professionals in their terms.

Persons responsible for the maintenance and system support of Damatic XDi version 6 or higher with PC node stations and Valmet DNA DCS/QCS automation systems with PC node activities.

What to expect:

-Understanding the system network architecture

-Understanding the network hardware used in our system

-Analyze existing and proposed networks

-Isolate network issues 


Previous experience with Windows-based programs is beneficial.