Natural gas infrastructure

Natural gas is used for its environmentally friendly and clean characteristics. Valmet is able to serve the entire infrastructure chain for natural gas the with its automation solutions.

Natural gas is also called landfill gas. It is drilled in the soil or dispersed from organic material. It can be used for electricity production, in several industrial processes, as well as for transportation and logistics, among other purposes.

The main products are the Valmet DNA automation system, HIMA safety system, machine protection system and operations management solution. We also cover all related services with our new Shared Journey Forward service concept, including Valmet’s Industrial Internet.


  • High level of redundancy
  • Scalable system from small stand-alone to plant-wide systems
  • Compatibility and connectivity with other systems


  • Safe and reliable operations
  • Efficient procedures
  • Reduced risks through redundancy
  • Improved process performance