Solutions for chemical industry

Valmet has wide experience in automation solutions for the chemical industry. With our solutions, we cover the entire life cycle of processes, including new installations, rebuilds and services.

To date, several hundreds of Valmet DNA projects have been implemented in the chemical industry worldwide. Valmet DNA is a highly integrated automation system for plant control and monitoring.


  • Integrated automation and information management systems
  • Safety interlocking systems interfaced to the automation system
  • Process history data, process operation and product tracking
  • Batch processes


  • High automation and production process availability
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Easy repeatability of process operations
  • Open system structure
  • Reliability
  • Scalable for further extensions
  • Life cycle services close to the customers

The extensive field of chemical processes varies from simple, continuous processes to complex batch processes with recipe controls and automatic grade changes. They may be harmless, or they may be hazardous exothermic processes, where safety issues must be strictly followed.

Recent success stories

Process availability maintained with Valmet DNA

Process availability maintained with Valmet DNA

At PQ Nederland B.V., in Eijsden, Netherlands, the production is operated with Valmet’s automation technology. The last upgrades have been made with the Valmet DNA automation system.