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CFB boiler Operator online training

Mika Viitala, Senior product engineer at Valmet Learning Services explains the importance of training for CFB boilers and how Valmet's concept in three levels can guide new and experienced professionals to operate the CFB boiler in a safe and optimized way.

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Valmet Extended Reality is a multipurpose mixed reality platform, streamlining the design review, training, preplanning maintenance and remote collaboration processes for different industries.

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Brief introduction - Valmet Online Learning
Valmet offers online training courses for a variety of Valmet´s products and services in Valmet Online Learning portal. Our Learning management system facilitates individual training programs, individual progress tracking, online tests and exercises that can be accessed at any time. Reporting features and statistics are available for supervisors and HR personnel.
Introducing Valmet's Learning Services
Valmet Learning Services helps customers design their learning paths to progress in their chosen area of interest. Reaching a higher knowledge level not only represents a great achievement for the employees themselves, but can have an impact on KPIs like reliability, productivity, and product quality.