World record speed with revolutionary drying machine design

Published Sept 13, 2001 20.48.00 +2 GMT

Today, the market place trends in pulp drying demand larger single lines to achieve the best overall economy. The goal to design a single pulp drying line that capacity-wise matches the corresponding new greenfield megamills has been reached.

It is widely recognized that the typical bottlenecks encountered while increasing pulp drying capacity lie in the former and cutter areas. The web speed in present pulp drying machines is approximately 150-180 m/min and production about 200 ADT/m.

Metso Paper has developed a totally new pulp drying technology concept called DryWay™. With its new former and cutter design and other process improvements, production speed and capacity has increased dramatically. The DryWay concept features web speeds of up to 300 m/min and production rates of 300 to 500 ADT/meter. The new capacity range enables reaching of up to 50 % savings in drying machine building volume compared with conventional systems.

Reliable and optimum operation of the pulp drying process at high-speed levels also requires sophisticated automation and control systems. Metso´s new concept for drying process automation covers process, machine, drive and quality controls, as well as condition monitoring and baling management.

Recently, a completely new DryWay pulp drying system was started up at the Stora Enso, Kaukopää mill in Finland. This project is the culmination of all combined knowledge in the field, featuring totally new solutions in many process areas from the headbox up to pulp baling. The DryWay line at Kaukopää has now set a new world record for speed and capacity in pulp drying.

For more information, please contact Mr Alpo Tuomi, Vice President, Marketing, Chemical Pulping Lines at email