WinRoll: OptiConcept winding at Steyrermühl

Published Feb 23, 2000 00.00.00 +2 GMT

February 2000 is the first anniversary for the fully automatic WinRoll multistation winder of the PM3 line at Steyrermühl AG in Austria. Steyrermühl AG is part of the Haindl group in Germany. The 6.40 meter wide PM3 that was recently rebuilt with Valmet OptiConcept technology produces 170,000 tons/year of SC-B paper.

High capacity, Continuous Winding

The WinRoll winder utilizes the Valmet Continuous Winding method. It has a design speed of 3000 m/min and the drive speed of 2700 m/min.

According to Mr. Horst Ettinger, Production Manager of Steyrermühl, the main reason for choosing WinRoll was capacity: “The most important requirement was high performance. We wanted a winder that has high enough capacity to handle the entire production from PM3.”

Excellent feedback from printing houses

“Another requirement for the winder was optimal roll quality from the core to the last layers of the roll”, says Mr. Ettinger. “We are number one in quality and that includes not only printability but also runnability. So far we have had only positive reactions from printing houses.” To date, the maximal roll dimensions at Steyrer-mühl have been 3600 mm in width, 1250 mm in diameter and 5200 kg in weight. The minimal width has been 310 mm.

“We have very tight quality control”, continues Mr. Ettinger, “and this has resulted in our very good reputation in the marketplace. There is no doubt that the WinRoll winder is also playing a big part in our good reputation.”

Three more fully automated WinRolls for Haindl Corporation in Germany

Haindl Papier GmbH ordered three fully automated WinRoll winders (two production winders and a rewinder) with Continuous Winding for their new LWC line to be built in Augsburg, Southern Germany. PM3, purchased from Valmet in August 1998, will start up in June 2000. It is designed for a speed of 2000 m/min and a production capacity of 400,000 tons/year.