Titan Converting Equipment develops new differential rewind shaft system

Published May 20, 1999 00.00.00 +2 GMT

A new differential rewind shaft system has been developed by Titan Converting Equipment (part of Valmet Converting Group), which dramatically reduces downtime for changing slit widths. The system requires minimal maintenance and is very simple to operate.

An additional advantage for converters involved in food and medical packaging, where hygiene is paramount, is also the complete absence of any core dust.

The Titan ‘Quickshaft’ system is superior to other methods, as the requirement to strip down the rewind shafts when changing to different slit widths, is completely eliminated. This provides a huge time saving as set-up may now be completed anywhere on the rewind shafts, in a fraction of the time taken with other methods. This allows converters to slit materials over longer periods, providing substantial improvements in productivity and cost effectiveness in the slitting operation. Web tension is also constant, regardless of whether different widths of materials are being rewound at the same time.

The system is available for retrofit to all existing Titan SR6 and SR5 slitter rewinders and can be fitted as optional equipment to new machines. The ‘Quickshaft’ system has a minimum slit width of 50mm and is supplied in diameters of 70, 76, 120 and 150 – 152mm (combined). It can also be used with either cardboard, plastic or steel cores.

For more technical information, please contact Titan Converting Equipment Sales Department on Tel: +44 1767 310100, Fax: +44 (0) 1767 310200 or Email: sales@titan-converting.co.uk

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