Third generation thermal coating starts operation in Aiken, SC

Published Jan 29, 2001 00.00.00 +2 GMT

The thermal spray facility in the Aiken Service Center, SC has been completely rebuilt to utilize the best practice, knowledge and experience of this field. The third generation equipment, HVOF and Plasma spray units, are the latest developments in this area ensuring uniform, highest quality and surface properties on thermal coatings.

Today, Metso Paper has the largest reference base of ceramic press roll covers with over 500 produced globally. In North America the Montreal facility produced over 120 covers and the Aiken Service Center has made over 60 covers, which together form clearly the largest market share in NA.

The complete range of Valmet ceramic and carbide thermal sprayed products will be available from the Aiken Service Center, including all ValRok family products as well as hard coatings developed for calender rolls.

This investment will strengthen Metso Papers' lead in hard coatings in NA. After this investment the Aiken Service Center will be able to meet the growing need for high quality thermal sprayed covers in North America.

For additional information please contact: John O'Malley, Product Manager, Hard Coatings, NA 803 649 1541 (tel), 803 215 7641 (cell), 803 649 1036 (fax) or

Juha Keskiivari, General Manager, Aiken Service Center (803) 6491541 (tel), 803 215 7638 (cell)