Prowell will place the cornerstone for their Propapier paper mill in Burg, Germany, on April 17

Published Apr 17, 2000 00.00.00 +2 GMT

This will manifest the fact that Prowell now moves into papermaking with this installation of the world’s fastest liner machine from Valmet.

The ultra-modern PM 1 will be the world’s fastest liner and fluting machine, with a planned operating speed of up to 1,300 m/min, far exceeding standard linerboard operating speeds of max. 900-1,000 m/min. Total annual capacity will be 275,000 tpy, approximately equal to the amount of tonnage that Prowell presently buys from the market.

German corrugated board producer Prowell is a relative newcomer on the European corrugated board scene, being in business only since 1992, when it started its first line in Offenbach, Germany. After growing rapidly in the past seven years, the company today has a total corrugated sheet capacity of 300,000 tpy from three plants in Germany and France. Now, with the board business well established, Prowell has decided to integrate backwards into papermaking, to further secure its raw material needs and better serve its customer base. The paper machine is also a key part of the company’s corporate objective of high-level ‘supply chain management’ for its customers.