Papier Masson Ltée sets world TMP production record

Published Apr 12, 2001 16.07.00 +2 GMT

Papier Masson Ltée, Masson Angers, Quebec, Canada, has set a new world TMP production record in seventy-two hour run by producing 2277 BDMT of newsprint grade TMP pulp on a single line of two-stage RGP 82 CD refiners from Metso Paper. According to André Legault, Vice-President of Operations and General Manager, the mill ran at this rate for three consecutive days beginning March 27, 2001.

During the seventy-two hour record run plant availability was more than 99.5% with only three short production interruptions. Peak operating rate on the main line was 760 BDMTPD which makes the Papier Masson TMP line the largest single line production unit in the world.

Papier Masson has only a single newsprint machine which, during the three day record run, produced 2081 tonnes of high quality newsprint using 100% TMP.

Papier Masson's TMP plant also includes an RGP 82 CD reject refiner. All three refiners in the TMP plant are connected to 32 Megawatt (43000 HP) high voltage main motors.

The TMP plant was delivered by Metso Paper and started up summer 2000.

Metso Paper (Valmet) is the world's leading supplier of systems and services for the pulp and paper industry including wood handling; pulping; recycled fiber; stock prep; paper, board and tissuemaking; finishing; air systems; and automation. The Mechanical Pulping Lines provides the industry with leading mechanical pulping technology for both C/TMP (chemi/thermomechanical) and PGW (pressurized groundwood) pulping; proven stock preparation systems and modern recycled fiber processes for deinked pulp and OCC lines.

Metso Corporation is a global supplier of process industry machinery and systems. Metso's core businesses are divided between Metso Paper (fiber and paper technology), Metso Minerals (rock and mineral processing) and Metso Automation (automation and control technology). In 2000, the net sales of Metso Corporation were EUR 3.9 billion, and the personnel totaled approximately 22,000. Metso Corporation is listed on the Helsinki and New York Stock Exchanges.

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