Palm PM 6 starts picking up records

Published Feb 20, 2003 13.58.00 +2 GMT

The testliner and corrugating medium machine PM 6, Papierfabrik Palm GmbH & Co. KG, Wörth, Germany, which was started up at a world record speed of 1000 m/min on October 3, 2002 has again achieved another record, a production record. This giant machine has a wire width of 11,000 mm and a design speed of 1800 m/min.

This OptiConcept machine supplied by Metso Paper produced 1593 tons/24 hrs of Corrugated Medium A quality in the range 100 – 110 g/m² at 1000 m/min on February 15, 2003. This quality was surface sized on both sides and of top quality.

Remarkable about this record run is that it continued for 28 hours without a single web break.

For more information: Pertti Herranen, Project Manager, Metso Paper, Tel. +358 40 5459 534 Jukka Kinnunen, Senior Board Technology Manager, Tel. +358 40 5492 498