Metso's ValFormer forming section designed to surpass speed and production limitations

Published June 14, 2006 12.00.00 +2 GMT

The ValFormer forming section represents new state-of-the-art technology developed by Metso Paper to optimize the operation of standard hybrid formers in a manner that allows higher production levels, speed and better quality without making excessive changes to the existing forming section.

A ValFormer shoe blade hybrid former retains the best of proven hybrid former features. At the heart of the former lies Metso Paper’s ingenious VacuShoe technology. VacuShoe is a curved, vacuum-assisted dewatering element that is mounted on the top side of the sheet. With VacuShoe technology, paper can be produced at greater speeds without running into drainage capacity limits. Thanks to its water removal capacity, VacuShoe element enables use of lower headbox and top former inlet consistencies than earlier hybrid former solutions.

With a ValFormer forming section, it is possible to increase machine speed above the speed limits of conventional hybrid formers. Good controllability, together with the possibility for a shorter forming table, also improves the runnability of hybrid formers.

Short payback time, easy operation

With ValFormer, forming section capacity and quality can be improved with a relatively small investment, which results in a shorter payback time. ValFormer technology is very operator-friendly, and adjustments to the VacuShoe vacuum can be made online from the control room. Easy operation becomes a very obvious advantage on multi-grade machines.

The wide operating window of the ValFormer shoe blade hybrid former offers a broad range of benefits for both paper and board machine rebuilds and new machines.

ValFormer references

M-real Kemiart Liners BM 1, Kemi, Finland M-real Kemiart Liners rebuilds BM 1 with Metso's new ValFormer technology Stora Enso Suzhou Paper, Suzhou PM 1, China Stora Enso Suzhou Paper's fine paper machine runs production record two weeks after start-up UPM Kaipola PM 4, Jämsä, Finland

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