Metso reaches agreement concerning apparent patent infringement

Published 5/28/2012, 12:00 PM EET

Metso has reached an agreement with Airtherm Corporation, USA after an apparent patent infringement by Airtherm in a patent owned by Metso.

The Metso product protected by this patent is the so called Advantage WetDust system whereby the dust in a paper and tissue making line is entrained into a dust collector where water is injected directly inside the dust collector.

Airtherm have agreed to discontinue any further sales of the wet dust collection system protected by Metso’s patent. Airtherm Corporation have also agreed to pay for a onetime license for systems already sold.

The patent in question is the US Patent No. 6,176,898 issued in 2001 entitled “Method and System for Collecting and Handling Dust in a Paper Machine Environment”.

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For more information, please contact: Ingmar Andersson, Vice President, Tissue Mills business unit, Metso Tel. +46 5417 1390, ingmar.andersson(at)