Metso Paper's Technology Days come to Asia for the first time

Published Nov 11, 2002 08.56.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper opened its first Asian Technology Days in Shanghai today. Some 400 representatives of the pulp and paper industry gathered in the Worldfield Convention Center to learn about the latest technology development and meet colleagues from 15 countries.

The theme of the event is ‘Finding Solutions to Challenges’. "This refers to how to choose the right technology and equipment and how to make effective use of it in order to achieve the best performance objectives," says Mr. Juhani Pakkala, President and CEO of Metso Paper Inc., the leading pulp and papermaking process and equipment supplier. "We want to meet our Asian customers during these two days and discuss these items thoroughly with them. The Chinese paper industry has developed very fast in recent years, and this is another reason we wanted to bring this event here," says Mr. Pakkala.

"Our development and commitment to the Chinese market has evolved in step with the country's industrial and infrastructure development," said Mr. Tor Bergman, President and CEO of Metso Corporation, in his opening speech. "Metso is willing to make its contribution to further developing the industry in China. We are dedicated to responding to the needs of our Chinese, Asian and word-wide customers now and in the future."

Technology from the customer's point of view

Yang Zihai, Vice Chairman of the China Light Industry Federation, presented in his opening speech what China has done and will do in the coming years in its pursuit to become one of the leading paper producers in the world.

During the first day other leading Chinese experts discussed the use of technology in the pulp and paper industry. Professor Kuang Shijun from the China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute discussed the raw material question which is of growing importance for the future development of this industry in China.

Beside Metso Paper's experts, the first day included presentations from the company's customers. President of APRIL Group of Indonesia, Mr. A.J. Devanesan and Vice President of Sun Paper of China, Mr. Ying Guangdong, presented successful experiences of Metso Paper's deliveries to their mills.

The second day will follow with three parallel programs: papermaking, pulpmaking, and tissuemaking. Mr. Leong Kwok Sun from Singapore-based Times Publishing will set the tone of the technical presentations by describing the challenges and requirements for different paper and board grades from the printer's point of view. Among the many presentations there will be ones from such customers as Nanping Paper and Yongfeng Paper.

Technology Days started in 1978

Metso Paper has had Technology Days since 1978, first in Jyväskylä, Finland and later also in other parts of the country. From 1988 the days started in North America where they have been arranged every second year in different locations. From now on, Asia will be the venue every third year. The next days will be arranged in Lahti, Finland on June 10-12, 2003.

Metso Paper deliveries to China

During the last few years the Chinese paper industry has placed several important orders with Metso Paper. The customer list includes Nanping Paper (OptiConcept newsprint), Black Dragon Paper in Qiqihar (OptiConcept newsprint), Jilin Shixian Paper (newsprint/SC), Jilin Paper (LWC/newsprint), Yueyang Paper (LWC), Chenming Paper (LWC), Sun Paper (multiply board), Nine Dragons Group (linerboard), Gold East Paper Dagang (LWC), UPM-Kymmene Changshu (fine paper), and Stora Enso Suzhou (coated art paper).

Metso Corporation is a global supplier of process industry machinery and systems. The Corporation's fiber and paper technology business area, Metso Paper, is the world's leading supplier of technology, systems and equipment for the pulp, paper, converting and panelboard industries. Metso's other core businesses are divided between Metso Minerals (rock and mineral processing) and Metso Automation (automation and control technology). In 2000, the net sales of Metso Corporation were EUR 3.9 billion, and the personnel totaled approximately 22,000. Metso Corporation is listed on the Helsinki and New York Stock Exchanges.

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