Metso Paper's iRoll receives ATIP Innovation Award

Published Oct 29, 2007 12.00.00 +2 GMT

The Paper Industry Technical Association (ATIP) in France has awarded its Innovation Award 2007 to Metso Paper's iRoll. Intelligent iRoll is the world’s first roll to automatically measure the online nip load profile. Another application is to measure the tension profile online without speed or web-related restrictions.

Established in 1995, the ATIP Innovation Award was awarded for the 13th time this year. The prizewinner is selected by a committee consisting of Paper Mill Managers, R&D Directors, Technology Directors and Production Managers from the French paper industry. The ATIP Innovation Award is highly regarded by paper machine manufacturers and the pulp and paper industry.

The iRoll reel drum brings a totally new online nip force profile measurement to the market and provides valuable information on the paper web properties. One target is to replace traditional, manual offline parent roll hardness measurements in both new reels and rebuilds.

iRoll is suitable for all paper and board grades, and particularly for lines with online multinip or soft calendering.

The iRoll reel drum measures the nip force and parent roll profile online, thus improving wind-up control. By applying force feedback control, force peaks and discontinuities can be avoided during the parent roll build-up, and skewed nip profiles can be eliminated. Precise nip load control also reduces bottom broke, which results in more saleable production.

As a condition monitoring tool for reeling nip mechanics and controls, the iRoll reel drum detects wear and tear and enables correctly timed corrective maintenance actions. It also helps tune reeling parameters and troubleshoot profile-related reeling problems that originate in earlier process stages. And, most importantly, the intelligent reel drum makes it possible to close the loop for roll profile control with calender steam boxes, zone control, etc., and thus optimize paper web properties for further processing.

The iRoll tension measuring roll monitors the full-width tension profile continuously, online and without using any separate scanning devices. It helps detect uneven tension profiles at an early stage in the paper machine, long before they would be revealed at the printing press.

The iRoll tension profile measuring roll can be located before the sizer, reel, calender, coating station or winder, or anywhere where the tension profile is critical. The tension profile is controlled for dryer section moisturizers, press section steam boxes or a machine calender, for example.

Uneven CD tension profiles are the main reason behind runnability-related problems in both papermaking and printing. Runnability problems, such as slack edges, wrinkles and poor edge quality, are typically caused by uneven tension profiles. And since machine tension profiles are inherited by customer rolls, they can cause breaks and show up as errors in printing presses – which, ultimately, result in complaints from the printers. iRoll, combined with online tension profile quality control, effectively keeps the profile within the margin.

For more information: Teppo Kojo, Manager, Reels, Metso Paper Finland Tel. +358 40 591 8624