Metso Paper's fiber line technology to Mondi Business Paper, Syktyvkar Mill, Russia

Published Apr 1, 2005 16.00.00 +2 GMT

Mondi Business Paper's Syktyvkar Mill, Russia, has ordered a fiber line modernization from Metso Paper. The order is a cornerstone in the conversion of the mill’s softwood line to ECF bleaching. The start-up of the modernized fiber line is scheduled for the summer 2006.

Metso Paper's supply consists of a new OxyTrac oxygen delignification process, as well as improvements in the bleaching process. Metso Paper's TwinRoll wash presses will be installed for both pre and post washing of the oxygen stage. The OxyTrac system, combined with efficient TwinRoll press washing, will provide for a low kappa number and a low carry over to pulp bleaching. This, in turn, reduces the amount of chemicals needed in the bleaching process and the amount of effluent.

In addition to the main machinery, Metso Paper will supply a pulpQ advanced process control system and a VirtualSite training simulator as well as extended site services.

The Syktyvkar Mill is located in the Komi Republic of the Russian Federation, 1100 km Northeast of Moscow. The mill has four paper and board machines and the pulp is mainly used for manufacturing printing and writing papers, as well as paperboard.

More information: Seppo Hiljanen, Senior Vice President, Chemical Pulping Tel. +358 20 482 9881,

Peter Landgärds, Vice President, Sales, Chemical Pulping Tel. +358 20 482 9861,