Metso Paper presenting AdvantageSoftReel: Top reeling with remarkably fast payback

Published Mar 26, 2007 16.00.00 +2 GMT

3,000 ton production increase per year. Six days from delivery to production. Advantage SoftReel from Metso Paper gives the tissue maker maximum finishing area efficiency.

The reel is often a bottleneck in an older tissue machine. It limits the machine speed, it may wind the paper unevenly, and it must be manned at every roll change. With the AdvantageSoftReel, Metso Paper has raised reeling technology to new dimensions. Now a mill can upgrade its machine, regardless of who originally delivered it.

A 5.4-meter-wide machine can increase the total production with nearly 3,000 tons per year, thanks to higher speed, more and faster turn-up, more usable paper in primary arm and less stoppage hours. The new technology assures uniform quality throughout the roll, which substantially increases the proportion of saleable paper. Efficiency is also greater, because the reel makes it possible to produce rolls of larger diameter with less reject at roll changes. One of the keys to high quality and efficiency in reeling, even at very high speeds, is the new primary arm. It gives full control over line pressure and an optimized reeling process. The tissue maker can also choose between a new secondary arm or a linear carriage.

When Metso Paper delivers an Advantage SoftReel, it comes prepared for very quick installation. Electrical cabinets, valves, piping and cables are pre-assembled, and with careful planning, the time from delivery to production can be as little as six days.

The Advantage SoftReel does not normally require any manual roll handling, which means that the risk of accidents is minimized. Metso Paper has also paid close attention to safety aspects in designing handrails and catwalks. To provide a comfortable and clean working environment, there is a dust enclosure and dust suction system.

For even more efficiency, Metso Paper offers a number of options. One is the Advantage Glue Turn-up which means that the tissue machine can continue to operate at full production speed during roll change. Automatic glue spraying synchronized with the roll change does away with the need to go down to tail. The glue used is soluble in water. Another option is the Advantage SpoolReturn System for automatically lifting empty spools from the position at the end of the rails back up to the spool storage on top of the reel. The system closes the dry end sequence, providing fully automatic and safe handling of the spools. The Advantage Parent-roll and Core-management system (also an option) guarantees that final-stage processing does not affect process or product quality, regardless of whether the rolls are large or small, conventional or super-soft. It gives safer working conditions, excellent parent-roll care and minimum waste.

Metso Paper is the world leader in tissue technology. During installation and startup, the mill naturally has access to the supplier’s expertise to guarantee that the reel will be tuned to function optimally. And to facilitate training of the workforce who will operate the new reel, Metso Paper has developed a computerized package called e-learning which combines text and audio information with video clips, photos and animation.

The Advantage SoftReel is a standard part of the Advantage DCT machine concept.

Metso is a global engineering and technology corporation with 2006 net sales of approximately EUR 5 billion. Its 25,500 employees in more than 50 countries serve customers in the pulp and paper industry, rock and minerals processing, the energy industry and selected other industries.

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