Metso Paper modernizes fiber line at Zellstoff Pöls AG in Austria

Published Jan 16, 2002 10.47.00 +2 GMT

The Austrian company Zellstoff Pöls AG, a member of the Heinzel Group, is investing in the modernization of their existing fiber line in Pöls Styria. The mill produces annually over 315,000 tonnes of fully bleached ECF- softwood sulphate pulp. The pulp is used for the production of first-class papers as well as improving the strength of secondary fiber products. The main target of the modernization project is to increase capacity and to reduce both the operational costs and the environmental impact.

Metso Paper was selected to supply all key process equipment for the modernization of the brown stock washing, oxygen delignification and bleaching processes. The order comprises a TwinRoll wash press for brown stock washing, a two-stage OxyTrac oxygen delignification process and an additional chlorine dioxide stage for pulp bleaching. Improved washing and enhanced oxygen delignification in particular will result in reduced bleach chemical consumption, thereby also decreasing the amount of effluent from bleaching. Metso Paper started the conversion process of the original fiber line at Pöls in 1995, and the current project will provide cutting edge Metso technology to help the mill realize their full potential.

The contract with Zellstoff Pöls AG will be for an EPC package delivery, carried out in consortium with an Austrian company, VAM GmbH & Co. The package delivery includes all the equipment required for the process, civil works, erection and start-up supervision. The start-up of the modernized fiber line is scheduled for early May 2002.

More information: Helmut Sommer, Sales Manager, VAM, tel. +43 316 572139 Lars Sjödin, Vice President and General Manager, Fiberline, Metso Paper, tel. +46 60 16 51 85 Alpo Tuomi, Vice President Marketing, Chemical Pulping Lines, Metso Paper, tel. +358 204 82 9813