Metso Paper introduces the SuperKit upgrade package for continuous digesters

Published June 14, 2005 11.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper is well-known for its developments to improve pulp quality in the displacement batch cooking process. Another important area in pulp digesting is the continuous cooking process where Metso Paper is now introducing new solutions.

The upgrade package for continuous digesters comprises several new innovations, starting from chip feed to the cooking process. The new equipment includes all the necessary hardware, instrumentation and automation. Many of these new solutions have already proved their superiority in a mill scale operation.

The SuperKit upgrade package comprises:

· Digester Audit - a service concept including an analysis of cooking process operation and recommendations for improvements.

· SuperSteamer - a new process step, specially designed for enhanced air removal prior to the cooking.

· SuperFeed - developed to improve the operation of the digester chip feeding system.

· SuperScreen - a new bar-screen design, developed to ensure trouble free chip column movement and controlled liquor flow in various liquor extraction stages.

· CentralScreen - offers increased liquor extraction and washing efficiency. · SuperHeater - a direct heating system, designed to replace heat exchangers in digester liquor circulations.

· SuperScraper - improves digester chip column movement and thereby digester operation.

All of these solutions are available individually, or in any combination, to optimize the digester operation.

For additional information, please contact: Seppo Hiljanen, Senior Vice President, Chemical Pulping, Tel. +358 20 482 9881, Lasse Hernesniemi, Process Manager, Chemical Pulping, Tel. +358 20 482 2447, lasse.hernesniemi@metso