Metso Paper inaugurates new winding technology center

Published Apr 18, 2002 15.56.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper inaugurated a new winding technology center at Järvenpää, Finland on April 18, 2002, which will cooperate closely with the Metso Paper finishing technology center located in the same premises. The finishing technology center has the most modern finishing pilot machinery in the world, including equipment for coating and sizing, coating color preparation and soft and multinip calendering.

The new winding technology center will allow Metso Paper to research and develop practically all winding concepts, from multistation winding to belt-bed, two-drum and modified two-drum concepts. With this new facility Metso Paper will be even better equipped to develop winding technology and offer trial run capacity to papermakers.

The center is equipped with two trial winders that represent the most advanced winding technology available, a WinRoll multistation winder and the new WinBelt/WinBelt Pro winder. The WinBelt Pro can easily be changed from belt-bed into two-drum (WinDrum or WinDrum Pro) or modified two-drum mode.

The maximum trim width of the WinBelt Pro trial winder is 2800 mm and of the WinRoll 2500 mm. The maximum operating speed of both trial winders is 3500 m/min.

At the winding center inauguration, Metso Paper also launched a new winding concept - the WinBelt Pro winder. WinBelt Pro is a result of intensive research and development work. It is based on the proven WinBelt winding method but offers even more capacity through fast winding sequences - including a 12-second set change. Another important factor for higher capacity is higher winding speed. This was achieved by developing several new winding tools to avoid vibration and bouncing during high-speed winding. This new technology can also be applied to WinDrum two-drum winder.

More information: Metso Paper, Inc., Roll Finishing Systems Mr. Pauli Koutonen, Vice President, Research & Development, Tel. +358 20 482 7367 Mr. Ilkka Tuomenoksa, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Tel. +358 20 482 7308