Metso Paper in Cernay has started a new polyurethane technology

Published Sept 30, 2004 11.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper has invested in and this autumn successfully initiated a new machine producing roll covers based on polyurethane for paper and board machines.

In modern paper machines polyurethane based roll covers are used in the most demanding roll positions, such as suction rolls and pressure rolls in presses. In order to better respond to this customer demand, Metso Paper invested in polyurethane production at their Service Technology Center in Cernay, France. The Cernay facility can cover all kinds of paper, board, tissue and fiber machine rolls using all current cover materials: rubber, composite, ceramics and other thermal coatings and now also polyurethane. The Cernay Service Technology Center is also fully equipped for roll maintenance and modifications.

The new polyurethane production line represents the latest in polyurethane cover technology. The covering process is fully computer controlled. With the new equipment it is possible to manufacture polyurethane roll covers for suction roll shells and press rolls. The latest polyurethane cover by Metso Paper, PressBisonTM Z, is produced in Cernay. PressBisonTM Z is based on the third generation of polyurethane materials and the bonding system has been further developed. The cover with improved characteristics can be plain, grooved and /or blind drilled, depending on the need.

PressBison is part of Metso Paper’s United Metso Covers family, which includes state-of-the-art covers for all rolls in the papermaking process.

More information: Francois Horny, President of Metso Paper Service SAS Tel. +33 6 07 85 94 75

François Bonomo, Business Manager, Process Services, South Europe Board Business Line, Tel. + 33 5 57 92 14 13 Jukka Koiranen, Business Manager, Process Services, South Europe Paper Business Line, Tel. + 33 3 89 75 32 51