Metso Paper delivers deinking line to Guangxi Jingdaxing in China

Published Mar 9, 2004 15.00.00 +2 GMT

Guangxi Jingdaxing Paper Industry Co., Ltd. selected Metso Paper to supply a 450-tpd deinking line. The line will produce pulp for newsprint production based on recycled newsprint (ONP) and magazine (OMG) paper as raw material. The companies also agreed on long-term cooperation to optimize the production and pulp quality of the deinking line. The main delivery is scheduled for autumn 2004, with start-up planned for year-end.

The Guangxi Jingdaxing newsprint mill is located in Tianlin County, Guangxi Province, China. The PM 1 was started-up in 2003 and a second paper machine will start-up later in 2004, increasing the mill’s production capacity to 120,000 tpy of improved newsprint grades. The deinking line will supply pulp for both paper machines.

Metso Paper will deliver a two-loop deinking line with key subprocesses. The process equipment include an OptiSlush drum pulper, OptiScreen coarse and fine screening systems, OptiBright main and post flotation systems, a Cleanpac 700 cleaner plant, Hedemora VDF disc filters, an OptiFiner dispersion system, an OptiBright high-consistency peroxide bleaching system and a metsoDNA automation system for the entire line. All the locally fabricated components will be supplied by Metso Paper (China) Co., Ltd.

The deinking line delivery also includes basic engineering, installation supervision and commissioning services. Additionally, Metso Paper and Metso Paper (China) will supply machine runnability, vibration and concept studies for PM 1’s speed, efficiency and paper quality improvement as well as supervision services for the PM 1 sizer start-up.

According to Board Chairman and General Manager Mr. Liu Jinsong, “Metso was selected due to its paper-making know-how and experience. For the deinking line, Metso offered new and competitive process solutions. We also highly appreciated the additional services Metso was able to offer for our paper machine.”

More information: Jouko Kolehmainen, Vice President, Stock Preparation & Recycled Fiber, tel. +358 20 482 9473 Esa Nordström, Senior Sales Manager, Mechanical Pulping Business Line, tel. +358 20 482 9540