Metso is licensing glue assisted turn-up patents to Valco Cincinnati

Published Feb 8, 2005 11.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper, Tissue Business Line, has entered into a license agreement with Valco Cincinnati, Inc., Ohio, USA. The agreement enables Valco Cincinnati to market, manufacture and deliver Metso Paper's tissue turn-up system to the global market.

Metso has developed and patented technology to improve the efficiency of the turn-ups in high-speed tissue machines. This system is using spraying of particular glues onto the running web going into the nip of the tissue reel, thus enhancing the turn-up of the web.

Through the Metso license, Valco Cincinnati is now able to offer its "Tissue Tack & Reel" glue applying system for the turn-up operation in tissue production to all clients worldwide. The license agreement enables Valco to apply Metso's turn-up technology based on several patents.

Valco Cincinnati Inc is a world-leading supplier of adhesive dispensing and quality assurance equipment for packaging, paper converting and other pulp and paper related industries. Valco also has several divisions that address specialty applications in varied industrial markets. The Engineered Products Group design and manufacture products for the integration of precision metering, mixing, and dispensing systems. Valco's Consumer Products division markets automotive detailing products and accessories. <br><br>

More information: Ingmar Andersson, Vice President, Business Development Tissue Business Line, Metso Paper Tel: +46 (0)54 17 13 90 Mobil: +46 (0)705 17 13 90

Gregory T. Amend, Chairman, Valco Cincinnati Tel: +1 (513)874-65 50 Fax: +1 (513)874-0904