Interstate Paper, Riceboro orders Metso press rebuild

Published Jan 10, 2005 10.00.00 +2 GMT

Interstate Paper Company, Riceboro, Georgia, USA has ordered a press rebuild from Metso Paper, for their No.1 linerboard machine. Start-up is scheduled for late 2005.

The new press section will include a straight-through press followed by a SymBeltTM shoe press. The press is designed to improve dryness, reduce draw and provide greater strength development in the pressing area. The new equipment will have a design speed of 3000 fpm (915 m/min). Wire width is 188 inches (4775 mm).

This order is the latest addition to Metso Paper's extensive installed base of more than 250 shoe presses worldwide.

Supporting equipment from Metso will include modification of a first dryer section, air system runnability improvement equipment, automation controls, as well as a press pit pulper. In addition, the machine drives will be updated by the Metso Drives group.