HengAn sets speed record at 2,000 m/min for Advantage ViscoNip press at Weifang mill

Published Dec 2, 2011 08.00.00 +2 GMT

The Metso-supplied Advantage DCT 200 tissue production line, equipped with the unique Advantage ViscoNip long-nip press, has been running at a record breaking speed of 2,000 m/min on average for more than one month at the HengAn mill in Weifang, Shandong province, China.

“We would like to express our appreciation to fellow workers in the front line of Metso and our company for working together as one to reach this outstanding result,” says Wu Hanxing, General Manager, Shandong HengAn Paper Co.,Ltd. “This press unit provides high machine speed and continuous production due to no downtime, giving our corporation an even stronger position in the market.”

HengAn operates an Advantage ViscoNip press also in their PM 8 line at their mill in Changde City, Hunan province, and in their PM 6 line at the Anhai mill in Fujian province.

Operating an Advantage ViscoNip press yields also substantial savings in drying energy consumption. For an Advantage DCT 200 tissue line such as the one HengAn operates in their Weifang mill, it means a saving in energy consumption corresponding to EUR 750,000 a year.

The ViscoNip pressure unit conforms to the shape of the Yankee, and produces a uniform nip load over a very wide range of linear loads from 70 to160 kN/m. Compared with a rigid roll or metal shoe against the Yankee, the Advantage ViscoNip press is flexible and accommodating. It delivers the pressure where it is needed, in a uniform manner. This press technology delivers a more uniform profile compared to a suction roll press and the higher sheet adhesion results in improved softness and bulk.

The ViscoNip technology was launched in 2005, and a growing number of press units are now being operated by tissue makers around the world, making the ViscoNip unit something of an industry standard.

Three more Advantage ViscoNip press units will be started up during 2012 in China: at Fujian HengLi Paper PM 2 in Nanan City, at Xiamen Xinyang Paper PM 1 in Xiamen City, and at Garven Sanitary Products PM 1 in Fyzhou city, all three in Fujian province.

HengAn is a leading, fast-growing Chinese consumer product company with a nationwide sales and distribution network. It is a fully owned subsidiary of HengAn International, whose shares are listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. The company’s turnover in 2010 was approx. EUR 1.3 billion and the number of employees 21,000.

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