First OptiFeed™ wet-end systems successfully started-up at Kyro PM3, Finland, and Kanzan PM6, Germany

Published Jun 28, 2002 13.18.00 +2 GMT

The OptiFeed™ concept is an integrated wet-end system featuring Metso’s advanced paper and automation technology. The system is comprised of process modules: stock line with OptiFiner™ refining, thick-stock mixing with LobeMix™ , centrifugal cleaning, stock approach, broke handling with OptiSlush™ pulpers and multistage OptiScreen™ screening, as well as white-water handling with efficient air removal and balanced fines recovery. The OptiFeed™ concept has been developed to increase the efficiency and quality of the stock preparation system, and consequently the efficiency of the entire paper-making line.

OptiFeed™ stock approach at M-real, Kyro PM3, Finland

The first two wet-end system rebuilds with OptiFeed™ concept were started-up during the spring of 2002. The first start-up took place at M-real Kyro Mill's PM3 in Kyröskoski, Finland. The PM3 is world's largest wallpaper producer, with a design speed of 1,000 m/min and basis weight range from 80 g/m2 to 165 g/m2. Metso's total delivery included an approach system, a new OptiFlo™ D dilution headbox, an MB hybrid forming unit and an OptiCoater™ coating section combined with a new DNA automation system. In the approach system, an OptiAir™ Vac system handles white-water deaeration, and the dilution and mixing of white-water is carried out in two stages with LobeMix™ mixers. The rebuild also included a new centricleaner plant and several OptiScreen™ units for both stock and dilution-water screening.

OptiFeed™ wet-end system at Oji Paper, Kanzan PM6, Germany

The second OptiFeed™ start-up took place at Kanzan Spezialpapiere GmbH, which produces special papers (thermal and ink-jet papers) with one paper machine. The target of the PM6 rebuild was to enhance production flexibility and to increase production speed up to 800 m/min. Metso Paper's delivery included OptiFeed™ stock preparation and approach system, new SymFlo™ D dilution headbox, SymFormer™ MB hybrid forming unit, press section rebuild with shoe press and modifications to the drying section.

More information: Petteri Soini, Product Manager Stock Preparation, tel. +358 20 482 9281 Jari Koikkalainen, Vice President & General Manager Stock Preparation, tel. +358 20 482 9213