Cheng Loong Houli PM9 fine paper machine rebuild a success

Published Mar 23, 2005 16.00.00 +2 GMT

Cheng Loong Corporation has started up its rebuilt PM9 fine paper machine in Houli, Taiwan, in February, 2005. The rebuild was supplied by Metso Paper and it consisted of extensive modifications in the forming and drying sections. The machine ran a speed record of 1000 m/min already on February 15, two days after the start-up.

The 1990 installed Houli PM9, originally delivered by Metso Paper, produces 45-170 g/m² uncoated and light weight coated woodfree printing and writing paper.Thanks to the rebuild, the line has improved its production speed from 930 to 1000 m/min, and capacity from 310 t/day to 325 t/day respectively.

In the rebuild, runnability and tail threading were enhanced by modifying the existing grooved rolls to vacuum rolls, and by installing ropeless tail threading to the vacuum roll group. Paper quality improvements, including better formation and reduced twosidedness, were made possible by the installation of a new MB Former with vacuum cleaner. In addition, hood exhaust air capacity was increased and a new heat recovery unit was installed.

According to Mr. W.S. Chung, Paper Production Division Manager: "Our target was to improve the speed and capacity of the PM9. Production and quality targets were reached within two weeks of the start-up. The whole rebuild, including a smooth start, has been a success."

Cheng Loong Co. has four paper mills in Taiwan, the Ta-yuan, Chu-pei, Hsin-chu and Hou-li mills, which operate altogether twelve paper machines. The company has implemented the ISO 9001 international quality management system as well as the ISO 14001 environmental management system. Cheng Loong Co. has a combined production capacity of more than one million tons, serving both domestic and export markets.

More information: Rauno Salmi, Project Manager, Metso Paper, Inc. Tel. +66 1 825 1585,