Buchmann Karton orders WinBelt from Metso Paper

Published Oct 11, 2004 15.00.00 +2 GMT

Buchmann Karton in Germany has placed an order with Metso Paper for a WinBelt winder. The WinBelt winder will be delivered to the mill for use on their white lined chipboard machine. Start-up of the winder is scheduled for June 2005.

The highly automated WinBelt winder has a trim width of 4,5 meters and its operating speed is 2300 m/min. The winder is equipped with automatic set change and slitter positioning as well as automated core feeding, cores and end taping.

WinBelt winder is an excellent choice for coated board. With WinBelt, rolls are wound on a driven belt bed and a rear drum. This, with the use of Winding Force, allows accurate control of roll structure resulting in excellent roll quality in small rolls as well as in large diameter rolls. With WinBelt, even the most demanding grades such as coated board can be wound to rolls over two meters in diameter without a sign of mottling.

The decision to choose WinBelt was strongly based on the proven WinBelt winding method for superior roll structure and surface quality. Winbelt winder is the market leader in winding of coated board.

Buchmann Karton is a privately owned board mill established in 1811. The annual capacity of the mill is 200 000 tons of white lined chipboard with a basis weight range of 180 - 550 g/m². Most of the rolls are wound to 2,1 m in diameter.

More information: Holger Wendt, Sales Manager, Paper and Board Business Lines, Metso Paper Inc., Tel. +358 40 589 4961, holger.wendt@metso.com